I am a free-lance photographer, based in Lyon, France. I dedicated this gallery to my concert photos. Exploring it, will give you the opportunity to either relive past concert experiences or feel the urge to attend one of the gallery subjects’ next shows. Professionals may also find the collections useful for commercial uses and applications.

Witness of artists’ generosity, I try to capture as faithfully as possible the energy, emotion, and mood of live performance. I emphasize facial expressions, body movements, lights, and colors that best illustrate the in-person experience of the artists.

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Bands, tour managers,…, these photographs are available for reproduction in articles, journalistic publications, CD and DVD productions, posters, flyers, and other digital (Web usage included) and print promotional material. You may contact me for pricing (without budget, no photo), usage, and distribution terms if you are interested in reproducing any of the photographs in publications or for freelance and/or commission rates for specific events, artist portraits, or to feature my work in an exhibition.

Print Purchase: Limited series prints are available. Please contact me for additional information regarding custom sizes and presentation formats.

The photographs on this site are protected by copyright. Any representation or reproduction (screenshot etc.), in whole or in part, and all media (including web), made without my prior consent is unlawful and constitutes an act of infringement (CPI Article L122-4). Do not try to imitate (eg screenshots) the photos here or on partner sites under threat of prosecution.


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Témoin de la générosité des artistes, je cherche à fixer de façon fidèle l’énergie, l’émotion et l’atmosphère présentes sur scène. J’aime exploiter expressions, mouvements, lumières et couleurs, cherchant toujours à mettre en valeur les artistes.